Finn Doxie

Shaker and Vine New Year’s Jam

Happy New Year, everybody!
We’ve set up a little page here to allow people to come over and chat about their needs and wishes for the New Year’s jam at Shaker and Vine.
We’ll be starting off the evening with a showcase of local acts at 6:00, followed by the debut of Finn Doxie’s new solid-body electric harp for a set.
The real fun starts at 9:00, where we all set up for a night of jamming, singing, and partying!

You can RSVP, and get more information about the jam sessions, at

In order to keep things moving as quickly as possible, I’m going to try to do most of the prep-work ahead of time.   So I’m compiling a list of jam songs here, in order to make up a big cheat-sheet board ahead of time.

If there is a song you really want to suggest, leave me a note below (and the chord structure you want), so I can add it to my list
Singers — if you want to guarantee that you get to sing some of your favorites, just leave a note below as to which song you want to sign up for!

Chat it up — leave questions and comments, suggest songs, and sign up to sing below!