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Finn Doxie is excited to announce our own little Holiday gift to our musical and creative friends. We present to you … “Krampus” – a Finn Doxie Christmas Carol!

Free Music. Free Video.   Free Contest! Krampus is a mythical helper to Santa.   He’s like Santa’s bad lieutenant.   When you’re incorrigibly naughty, Krampus comes and takes you away! So we wrote a little carol about Krampus, and decided to share it with the world.   And the best way to share something is to make stuff with it! So we’re announcing a Finn Doxie Krampus Youtube Video Contest.

The Krampus-themed video submission that gains the most “thumbs up” by the end will win a permanent home in our hearts, a permanent ban from Krampus’ attention, and special (non-monetary) thank-you present from Finn Doxie.

We’re distributing the song for creative-types to use as a building-block for their videos. So you can use the song as the background for your own video, or cover the song in a performance video, or however you wish to celebrate Krampus during the holiday season.

Contest rules can be found on the Finn Doxie website at …

An audio version of “Krampus” can be downloaded from Soundcloud here …

And, even more fun, our own little just-for-laughs Krampus Video is up on our youtube channel!   With puppets!


Enjoy our song, play around with it, make a video, and everybody have some fun this Holiday season.   Be happy and safe, and don’ let Krampus get you!

Krampus Festival Youtube Contest

Finn Doxie would like to invite you to participate in our celebration of all things Krampus by having you make and share a video!

To foster your creativity, we’re sharing our own Krampus Carol.   Record a cover of our song, or make a video mash-up, or use your own artwork.   Come up with something fun and interesting!

Go to our  Krampus Carol on Soundcloud and download a copy of our Krampus Carol, or you can e-mail us at and we’ll share our dropbox version with you.   The song is available for all participants to use in the making of their video, should they so wish.

How to Enter: Send us an email at

  1. E-mail us at with a valid contact e-mail address
  2. We will give you permission to upload your video to our Dropbox folder
  3. We’ll upload your video to our Youtube channel with the other Krampus Videos

How to Win: The contest runs from November 10 to December 21.  The video with the most Likes by midnight, December 21, 2015, wins!  Obviously, the sooner you get your video to us, the more time it has to generate attention.


General Rules: The video has to use the Krampus Carol soundfile and be 3 minutes or less in length, and meet all YouTube guidelines and regulations (link below).

What The Winner Gets: The winning video gets a permanent spot on our video channel as the most popular Krampus video for our 2015 Krampus Video contest.   Plus, Finn Doxie will come up with a (non-monetary) surprise to show our gratitude for your valued participation.

Here is a link to Youtube’s Privacy Policy.

Here is a link to Youtube’s Community Guidelines.

Here is a link to Youtube’s Terms of Service.

This contest is free to enter, and no cash prizes will be awarded.
You have our full permission to use the Krampus Carol soundfile for your video. We reserve all rights to the Krampus Carol outside of that permission.
You give us permission to feature your video on our channel. You keep all rights to your video.
You may not pay people or third parties to increase your “likes”, each “like” must be a genuine Real Person!
This contest is Finn Doxie’s contest and is not affiliated with or part of YouTube in any way. You Tube is NOT a sponsor of this contest, and by entering, you agree to release YouTube from any and all liability for this contest.
Finn Doxie agrees to comply with all Privacy laws, rules and regulations of YouTube, the United States and the State of Oregon and will not collect, keep or use any personal data received as part of this contest.